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Jesmonite Pigments are aqueous dispersions compatible with Jesmonite composites. When dispersed in Jesmonite materials they offer excellent chemical stability and heat stability. Pigments are available in 200g and 1kg formats. Larger sizes are available by custom order.

Adding approximately 2% of pigment will produce a strong, saturated colour. If lighter colours are desired, simply reduce the addition rate until the preferred colour is achieved. Pigments can be mixed with one another to create a custom colour of choice.

Viscosity varies by colour. Separation is natural, shake vigorously before use.

Pigments may slightly thicken over time and can be thinned by placing the container in warm water and stirring or shaking the pigment. Do not add water to pigments.

Jesmonite liquid pigments should be used within 24 months. 

Coade & Terracotta Pigments
These are colours that were discontinued by Jesmonite, but due to their popularity, are now mixed by MAD MAYKER from genuine Jesmonite ingredients. We are in the process of updating our packaging for these pigments, and the container may be different than pictured.