Tutorial on how to avoid spots on your cured Jesmonite items.

  1. It is essential to use accurate scales for weighing Jesmonite Base and Jesmonite AC100 Liquids

  2. The standard mix ratio for Jesmonite AC100 is 2.5:1 (2.5 parts Jesmonite Base + 1 part Jesmonite AC100 Liquid)

  3. Weigh out the Jesmonite AC100 Liquid first and then add the Jesmonite Base

  4. Attach a Jesmonite High-Shear Mixing Blade to a standard drill for the appropriate mixing of Jesmonite materials

  5. Mixing containers should be clean and dry, and of a suitable size

  6. Mix the Jesmonite materials together for a minimum of 1 minute, until the mix is smooth, flowing and free from lumps

  7. Jesmonite Pigments can be added at a maximum of 2% by weight of the total mix, or 20g per kg of total mix (Base and Liquids).
September 30, 2021